Hi, Luna here! I am a Portuguese visual artist/illustrator/designer/whatever you want to call it based in London. Labels are quite limiting are they not? Here in Luna Monogatari I like not to limit myself and experiment a lot of different projects in my studio. I work with apparel, street wear, accessories, merchandise, ceramics, paintings, animation, illustrations… I studied Architecture, having a Master’s degree from KU Leuven (Sint Lucas, Gent, Belgium), so even though I do not see myself as an architect (the passion was never there), school helped me a lot in terms of getting used to experiment many different tools to achieve my vision. My work can be mostly represented by my use of colours and my characters that help me create this world that I have inside my head. Hopefully my products are a token you guys can take from this universe of mine.

My brand takes its ethics very seriously though, and I keep everything genderless, cruelty free and vegan! Welcome to my world. Xoxo, Luna

For commissions or wholesale/general business enquiries e-mail luna.monogatari@gmail.com

©Luna Monogatari